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List of Aromatherapy Articles by Dr. Joie Power, Director of The Aromatherapy School
Aromatherapy: The Basics
Aromatherapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Aromatherapy and Emotions
Aromatherapy and Endangered Species
Aromatherapy and the SARS Virus
Aromatherapy Monograph: Angelica Essential Oil
Aromatherapy Monograph: Lavender Essential Oil
Endangered Species
Essential Oil Quality - Is it Important?
Essential Oils for Immunity
Gas Chromatographs: A Basic Explanation
Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and Aromatherapy
Essential Oil Monograph: Yarrow Essential Oil
The Ancient Roots of Fragrant Medicine / The History of Aromatherapy
Radioprotective Effects of Holy Basil (Tulsi) - Herbal Protection Against Radiation Sickness


Aromatherapy Quick Study Guide

Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Products and Other Reference Books

Artisan Essential Oils produced by Artisan Distillers
Balsam Poplar Essential Oil: Therapeutic Quality Balsam Poplar
Bay Laurel Essential Oil: Therapeutic Quality Bay Essential Oil
Black Spruce Essential Oil: Therapeutic Quality Spruce Essential Oil
Enfleurage Essential Oils: Therapeutic Quality Enfleurage Absolutes
Artisan Quality Essential Oils: Therapeutic Quality Artisan Oils
Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Products and Reference Books
Gardenia Essential Oil: Organic Gardenia Artisan Essential Oil
Juniper Berry Essential Oil: Therapeutic Quality Wildcrafted Juniper Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil: Therapeutic Quality Organic Lavender Essential Oil
Lily Essential Oil (Enfleurage extracted): Organic Lily Absolute
Orange Essential Oil: Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Palo Santo Essential Oil: Therapeutic Quality Wild-Crafted Palo Santo Essential Oil
Scotch Pine Essential Oil: Pine Essential Oil
Rose Oil Essential Oil: Therapeutic Quality Organic Rose Absolute
Rose Oil / Rose Otto Essential Oil: Therapeutic Quality Rose Essential Oil
Tuberose Essential Oil: Organic Tuberose Absolute
Yarrow Essential Oil / Therapeutic Quality Yarrow Essential Oil


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Body Butters
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Tuberose Body Butter

Aromatherapy School - Image
Aromatherapy School - Image
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