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Aromatherapy Workshop Testimonials

Here's what our students say about Dr. Joie Power's teaching and workshops:

Dear Joie, This was my first official effort to learn something about aromatherapy. I was surprised at how powerful I find the the theory and effect of aromatherapy to be. Your material and presentation was what I needed to open my mind to aromatherapy. I really appreciated Ivan being there (with his Artisan Aromatics Essential Oils). His obvious support of your efforts and his product knowledge helped create the atmosphere for an open learning experience. Thank you both.
C.I. NC / 2011

I really enjoyed the class. It was very helpful about the aromatherapy as well as other resources available to us also. I am planning on attending Level II and III classes also. I look forward to attending those classes. I wish you would offer some online classes. I would love to take one on your skin care and I am sure there are many others you could offer that would help us. Thanks you for teaching and sharing.
J.L. NC / 2011

I really felt comfortable in this learning atmosphere. The class was great. I intend on taking the next two classes. I am glad you covered the scope of practice. I really appreciate the way you responded to our questions. I would be interested in any online classes you would have in the future such as skin care, etc. I really appreciate you and what you have to offer us as students.
M.T. NC / 2011

I really enjoyed the class........ and I am looking forward to the next Level II class. Thanks again for all of the valuable information.
P.D. MO / 2011

I would have liked some visuals, pictures, plants, where they grow and some visuals of processing procedures etc. Although you are incredibly knowledgeable, it would have been more fun to have interactive experiences and more of the material as handouts - it was an awful lot of note taking. My hand was hurting.
Anon. / 2011
Note: All comments are appreciated and I'll make an effort to add some more handouts and to include some visuals - maybe via Powerpoint - Joie 6/2011

Awesome workshop, very informative.
L.G. GA / 2011

Great respect for Dr. Powers' credentials, and the class was lively & interactive......
D.M. GA / 2011

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class this past weekend! I enjoyed every bit. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in such a fun way.....and thanks too for choosing such a wonderful setting. The Staybridge Suites was a wonderful experience and the price was great!!
M.V. MI / 2011

Hello dear Joie and Ivan! ...thank you for such a beautiful experience at the farm! I enjoyed the class a lot, and my attraction towards the essential oils and their properties grew stronger. Having the class at the farm was a good idea, I think a lot of the good energy and the class experience would have been lost in a conference room setting.
I will follow up with an order of essential oils within the next few days, and I am contemplating coming back for the Aromatherapy II class in November.
Looking forward to staying in touch!
Best wishes,
C.S. OH / 2010

Thank you Joie and Ivan for your warm hospitality -- I feel reborn with a new sense of awe and gratitude for the miracle of flowers and plants that sustain our bodies, our minds, and our souls. They are living energetic beings and I rejoice in my desire to commune with them. What a great group we are indeed! In Lakesh (I am another you -- in Mayan)
A.S. GA / 2010

Thank you for an amazing weekend! Feeling full of new knowledge and wisdom, inspiration, and motivation to keep going deeper with the amazing path of Aromatherapy. I highly recommend these workshops!!
C.H. NC / 2010

Great fun, lots of great information and wonderful applications shared by the group.
C.C. NC / 2010

I loved the delivery of this class, a perfect balance of history, science, chinese medicine, and energy. I cannot imagine ANYONE taking this level I class not wanting the next level! My only complaint is that Level II isn't next weekend! You can certainly feel Joies passion for aromatherapy and healing when she teaches the class! It was a great class! I also LOVED that it was a small group. I liked that I was able to purchase oils immediately and yet felt no pressure at all to do so. I'll be saving all of my tip money from now until September so I can load up again! I would take this class again.
R.B. NC / 2010

Hi Joie..., I really enjoyed and got alot of our workshop this weekend.... I truly felt blessed with the group I was surrounded with and the knowledge of all the different areas. I've decided to add Aromatherapy as one of my classes on my own, which means I'll be putting an hr or two into everyday along with my other courses. The knowledge I walked away with is already helping me understand my herbology course better with a different understanding as to what to look at, think about etc. Thank You So Much, talk with you later.
S.J. NC / 2010

Joie and Ivan, Thanks again for such a wonderfully stimulating course and weekend. I will post the case studies and and chinese medicine bibliography once I return home, as I have been on the road ever since. I look forward to future courses and correspondences. Take care.
V.L. WA / 2010

A lot of material was covered concisely and will help to solidify what I have previously studied. Loved the informality and lively discussions.
K.C.G. GA / 2010

Dear Joie and Ivan, Thank you for a wonderful learning experience. You were quite generous in sharing information on many levels and that was greatly apprecited. I look forward to staying in touch. Best regards,
A W. Asheville NC / 2009

Kudos to Joie! I especially appreciated that the pace of her presentation allowed time to take adequate notes.
J.I. McDonough GA / 2009

I REALLY enjoyed the workshop & am looking forward to attending future ones.
Thanks so much, A.Y. Decatur, GA / 2009

Hello Ivan, Thank you and Joie so much for a truly informative workshop! I was so inspired, I've already transcribed my notes! (Instead of waiting a year, like last time . . .) I'm excited about how I can incorporate Essential Oils into my Reiki practice, and will post reports to your forum. Thanks for making that available.
Thanks, C.W. Decatur GA / 2009

hi Ivan, GREAT class! Am definitely going to take the other levels as well if God is willing and the creek don't rise.... actually I shouldn't say that... we are back on a flood warning today! Anyway, C.B. and I would like you to send our certificates to work because they will probably not be bent and folded or otherwise mutilated if delivered here.
R.D. Atlanta GA / 2009

It was a wonderful workshop and I am already enjoying the oils.
S.W. Lakemont GA / 2009

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