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The Aromatherapy School - FAQs

Questions and Answers

Q. Where can I find the class schedule?
A. For class schedule click on: Aromatherapy Workshop Schedule

Q. Where are the classes hosted?
A. All classes will be at Dr. Power's 60+ acre organic farm just outside Asheville (actually more woods & mountainside than farm).

Q. What are directions to next Workshops
A. For directions go to: Directions to Next Aromatherapy Workshops

Q. How many levels are there?
A. Currently there are three levels, Levels I, II, III & IV. Levels I, II and III are taught in classroom format, each a two-day weekend workshop and as online courses.

Q. Will Certification be offered?
A. A Certificate of Completion will be issued to all who attend both days of a workshop (one certificate per level).
A. A Certificate of Achievement will be issued to all who attend both days of a workshop and pass a written exam at the end of day two (one certificate per level) .
A. Licensed health care professionals who have received Certificates of Achievement for all three levels will be given a Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy.
More Info: Aromatherapy Certification

Q. Can you tell me more about the next class and how to enroll?
A. Yes, click on Next Workshop for more info.

Q. Are there prerequisites for the workshops?
A. Yes for all three levels (I, II & III). For more information go to: Aromatherapy Workshop Prerequisites.

Q. Does Dr. Power do tutoring and/or private consultation?
A. Yes, to both. Private tutoring in Aromatherapy and Herbal Medicine and/or private consultation are available.

Q. Are on-line classes in Aromatherapy available?
A. Yes, correspondence / on-line / distance learning classes in Aromatherapy are available now through Dr. Power's distance learning website: The Highlands School of Natural Healing.
If interested, send us an email and we'll notify you when the online aromatherapy course is ready.

Q. How do I contact Dr. Power for more info on tutoring or distance learning?
A. Three ways:

  • 1. If you are enrolling for a live class, fill out the form Info-Form and put your comment at the end or
  • 2. Send Dr. Power an email with your question / comment Contact
  • 3. If you are most interested in taking Dr. Power's online aromatherapy course, use the contact page on the Highlands School of Natural Healing Website. The Highlands School of Natural Healing

Q. Can you recommend any Essential Oil companies?
A. Yes, we highly recommend Artisan Aromatics for authentic therapeutic quality essential oils: - Artisan Aromatics offers over 150 very high quality Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends - everything from the "usuals" to some quite rare oils like Gardenia, Tuberose, Lily, etc.

More Questions: Please use our Contact page to submit all questions: Contact.

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